Loading & Shipping Machinery

The most important component of successful work on equipment transfer is its loading. In each case, our specialists develop special solutions for execution of customer order. That allows execute these works quickly, economically, according to all rules and regulations. This also allows us to avoid risks for personnel, avoid damage of equipment, loss of time and financial resources.

We will provide accurate requirements for delivery vehicles (sizes of car, containers), including their number. In some cases, according to the specifics of equipment, we will inform you about need for specialized transport.

During loading equipment into containers and for effective use of free space, the equipment will be dismantled as high as possible. Large units of equipment that cannot be dismantled will be loaded into “Flat rack” or “Open top” containers.

Our experienced staff ensures that your equipment will arrive at the destination in good condition and without damage.

Fragile items will be packed using protective materials into special made to order containers. Where appropriate, your equipment will be protected by special awnings and fastening systems.

Our company conducts all kinds of work in strict accordance with safety regulations. All orders are performed by specialists who have access to certain types of work, that have been certified in accordance with the company’s specialization.

An obligatory condition for loading and transportation is the delivery of all necessary documentation for our customers: Packing sheets; Invoices; CMR; Bills of lading; Certificates of origin; Documents of transport insurance.