Engineering Services

Offer for paper mills

Our group of professional specialists, with a wealth of experience in production and installation of paper machines, is engaged in various types of projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

We do repair and complete overhaul of all types of machines with selection and installation of new equipment, control devices using the advanced design methods including CAD system in 3D.

Main stages of works we offer:

  • Product optimization;
  • Finite elements calculation;
  • Project and working documentation, including technological schemes, working drawings, construction drawings, equipment foundation drawings, technological pipeline routes, electrical drawings, drawings for other engineering communications, etc.);
  • Projects to improve productivity;
  • Reconstruction projects;
  • Completion of equipment;
  • Modernization of equipment;
  • Mixed projects (new and second-hand equipment for any part of the machine);
  • General turnkey projects;
  • General and per-unit projection.


Technological and technical consulting for corrugated plants

Specialists from our company solve the whole complex of issues aimed at increasing the efficiency of corrugated production:

  • Diagnosis of technical condition of equipment;
  • Diagnosis of technological problems affecting the quality of products, the productivity of manufacturing equipment and the amount of technological waste;
  • Solving of technological, technical and organizational problems identified in the process of diagnosis;
  • Staff training;
  • Evaluation of staff qualifications;
  • Development of optimal formulations of starch glue;
  • Optimization of compositions of raw materials for corrugated board;
  • Technological waste reduction;
  • Service maintenance of equipment;
  • Starting of green field corrugated manufacturing.